1.  Internal Audit:

Companies Act 2013 mandates Company subject satisfaction of certain conditions to have internal Audit mechanism in relation to its size of operations.

2.  Stock Audit:

Stock audit is a statutory process which every business institution needs to perform at least once in a financial year. As far the stock audit process is concerned, the process mainly involves the counting of physical stock presenting the specified premises and verifying the same with computed stock maintained by the company. The reason and purpose behind executing this is to correct the discrepancies present in the book stock when compared to physical stock by passing necessary adjustment entries.

3.  Fixed Assets Management:

An accounting process to keep track of companies fixed assets for the purpose of financial accounting, asset maintenance and theft prevention.

FAM entails:

i. Fixed Assets Verification (FAV)

ii. Maintaining Fixed Assets Register (FAR)

4.  Tailored Audit:

Tailored Audit is the Customized Audit function to cater organization needs.